Ethical Shopping

Shop with a conscience. Shop with confidence. To assist you on your ethical shopping journey, all of our products have one or more of the following certifications or attributes so that you can be confident about how they were made and their possible impact on people, communities, animals and the environment. We do all the hard work so you don't have to!

  1. Fair Trade: Product meets the 10 Fair Trade principles of the WFTO or the Fair Trade principles of the Fair Trade Federation.

  2. Fairtrade: Product is Fairtrade certified 

  3. Fair Wear: Product has received third party verification of its business practices by the Fair Wear Foundation.

  4. Organic: Product is certified organic in accordance with international and/or Australian and New Zealand standards, by the European Union or by the Organic Content Standard or the Global Organic Textile Standard.

  5. Recycled: Product is certified recycled in accordance with international and/or Australian and New Zealand standards (e.g. Global Recycle Standard).

  6. Ethical: Product has been judged to be ethically produced using the information provided by suppliers and/or in-person inspections of enterprises undertaken by us. Products are made accordance with Fair Trade principles and/or use organic, ecologically sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials, often being handmade items made by a social enterprise managed by an NGO and offering employment opportunities for women in disadvantaged communities.

  7. Handmade, quality, Australian or overseas made: Some of our products are handmade by small enterprises in Australia or other countries. They have a social objective (e.g Indigenous or regional enterprises), were produced by an enterprise with a strong environmental ethos or offer a high quality alternative to mainstream products while reducing their impact on the planet or other animals (e.g. recycled or vegan or locally made and reduce CO2 emissions). They also follow proper labour and safe work practices and are small to medium size, mostly family run, enterprises.


Like so many, we are concerned about the impacts of global climate heating on all life including humankind and our systems. Therefore, we are committed to doing all that we can to reduce the carbon footprint of our business wherever possible and constantly seek ways to reduce our overall environmental impact.

We offset our carbon emissions by 11 tns per year (or equivalent to 11 shipping containers of CO2), pay for the planting of 60 trees a year and fund climate positive projects - all through Trace. All of our electricity use as a business is 100% carbon offset and sourced from renewable providers through PowerShop, our postage providers (Australia Post and Sendle) provide 100% carbon neutral deliveries and our email, web domain and cloud storage are hosted by a carbon neutral provider (Google). We also choose to bank with National Australia Bank (NAB) because they were Australia's first carbon neutral bank and have a strong commitment to transitioning to a carbon neutral economy. We also reuse or recycle as much shipping and packing materials as we can, including in our deliveries to you, and use biodegradable packing materials including wrapping and packing tape wherever we can.